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Visitation rights are designed to provide parents with the opportunity to spend time with their children for the purpose of having developing and maintaining a relationship with their children. Visitation rights are important so you can have influence on your child's life.

If yours are being denied, then you need representation on your side to pursue court order enforcement. Do you need an attorney for a visitation case in Santa Clarita? Get in touch with Valencia family lawyer at Barnholtz & Kugler for a legal defense team that will ensure your rights are aggressively defended in court!

Types of Visitation Rights

When you are trying to obtain the right to see your child, there are a number of ways that a court could have you do this. The best case scenario is that you form a visitation schedule with the custodial parent. They could allow you to visit on certain days of the week, alternate weekends, holidays, or summer vacations as the child's schedule allows. If the two of you cannot come to an agreement on the visitation schedule, then a family court judge might decide an appropriate one for you both to implement.

If there are issues like medical concerns, a non-custodial parent might also be granted restricted visitation rights. In this case, the times that you can see the child would be severely limited. If the court finds that you could be a possible danger to the child, then they might order that you have only supervised visitation rights. This would allow you to see the child only on court-ordered contact while being supervised by another person. Lastly, you could have overnight visit rights. If the custodial parent is concerned about overnight visits, then a judge will ultimately make the decision whether or not you are allowed to stay overnight with the child.

If there is ever an issue with a visitation schedule, then a parent has the right to submit another case in family court. It is recommended that the parents try to work out the case before giving in to legal action. Speak with a family law attorney from our firm for more information about visitation rights and how to obtain them.

Obtaining Your Paternity Right

Paternity rights are established through filing a petition in the case that a couple has a child outside of wedlock. Once paternity is established, the father may be granted rights to visitation so that he may spend time with his child. In addition, he may incur child support payment requirements. In the case of divorce, custody is either granted solely to one person, or jointly to both parties. In the case that sole custody is obtained by one spouse, the other may be able to receive visitation rights.

Our Experience and Approach: Valencia Divorce Attorneys

Are you searching for a lawyer for a visitation case in Valencia? At Barnholtz & Kugler, we are committed to pursuing the best possible situation for any children involved in a family law issue. We can assure you that we will work with you to pursue a favorable situation for any children involved in this scenario.

If you are facing divorce, then you need skilled representation on your side as you could lose custody of your children, and it is important that you do not fall victim to the court system through misrepresentation. We can provide you with the legal assistance that you need. We have years of experience in handling the various family law issues that the residents of Valencia, California suffer from on a regular basis. We have successfully assisted numerous clients in the past, no matter how complex or difficult the case was. We can provide you with the same aggressive yet compassionate representation.

Let us put our experience to work for you. Contact a Valencia divorce attorney from our firm as soon as you can for your initial consultation!

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