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California Limited Liability Companies

Are you seeking to form a business in Southern California? It is important that you recognize your options and that you have skilled legal assistance on your side during this process. Deciding what kind of entity to create can be a very difficult decision. It is important that you recognize the benefits of certain entities over others and that you make an informed decision that will benefit your business venture in the future. A limited liability company (LLC) is one option that provides a number of benefits over other options, such as forming a partnership, and you may greatly benefit from this kind of business entity.

As the name indicates, an LLC provides a business formation that limits the liability of the owners involved. If you choose an LLC, then your financial liability will be limited to the financial investment that you made in the business venture. There are many major benefits to this option in comparison to creating a civil law corporation. For example, an LLC is much simpler and faster to set up, does not issue stock, is not required to hold annual meetings, and is not required to keep written minutes of these meetings. These benefits can save you time, energy, and money when conducting business. However, LLCs cannot be created for every type of business. If you are seeking to create a business, then you need the assistance of a representative from our firm to review your options carefully for your industry.

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