Divorce Process

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California Divorce Process

Divorce Attorney in Valencia, CA

If you are considering a divorce in California, then you need to be sure that you have a divorce attorney on your side that can help you navigate through the process in an effective manner that leaves you with the future that you desire.

There are a number of difficult elements that must be addressed, and every divorce case has its unique elements. At Barnholtz & Kugler, we take the time to understand the individuality of your situation, and we work to help our clients achieve the results that they need through the California divorce process.

California Divorce – Beginning to End

California is a no-fault divorce state, meaning that either party can request, and be granted, a divorce based on irreconcilable differences. Because of this, the divorce process in this state begins when one party files a petition for dissolution of marriage with the court. This notice is then served with the respondent who then has up to 30 days to file a response. If they challenge the request for divorce, then the court may continue the process for an additional 30 in hopes to allow both parties an opportunity to reconcile. If they cannot, then contested divorce may ensue. If the respondent responds in agreement, then uncontested divorce can ensue.

The next step is generally an order to show cause hearing where the judge will make decisions regarding temporary child custody, temporary child support, and restraining orders among other elements. The next step is discovery where both parties will exchange information relevant to the divorce. One element to this step is the preliminary declaration of disclosure where both parties will list all known community and separate property, as well as income figures and expenses. Next, both parties, as well as their divorce representatives, will meet to discuss terms of settlement in order to finalize the divorce. If a settlement agreement can be reached, then a marital settlement agreement will be prepared, and both parties will sign.

If a settlement agreement cannot be reached, then the divorce will go to trial. At the trial, both parties will have the opportunity, or their attorneys will have the opportunity, to argue in favor of their case and work to pursue the circumstances and provisions that they desire. Ultimately, the judge will make the final decision, which can be favorable or highly undesirable. After the marital settlement agreement is signed, or after the trial is complete, a judgment of dissolution of marriage will be prepared. This document will contain all of the court's orders, and once filed, the divorce will be complete.

A Trusted Valencia Divorce Lawyer

With more than 33 years of combined experience, our Valencia divorce attorney can provide you with the assistance that you need from start to finish of the divorce process. It is important to recognize the various elements that you will face, and it is crucial to take the necessary steps to protect your future. Barnholtz & Kugler is dedicated to providing excellent representation to all our clients, and when you choose our law firm, you will receive the personal one-on-one attention that you deserve.

It is important for you to retain representation that can effectively help and that cares about the outcome of your divorce. You will receive aggressive, yet caring representation when you choose our legal team, and we will work to help you pursue the results that you need. Schedule your confidential consultation with our office today in order to learn details about your situation and to begin pursuing the results that you need.

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