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Creating an Estate Plan should be thought of as not simply the right, or "responsible" thing to do, but as an obligation to your family.

Whether you are just starting out and having your first child or are welcoming great grandchildren into your life, a properly drafted Estate Plan (including a Revocable Trust, 2 Pour-Over Will(s), Deed to transfer your residence into the trust, letters to transfer all assets into the trust – including bank accounts, investments, retirement accounts, and life insurance - Health Care Power(s) of Attorney) is necessary to be sure your assets AND children go to who you want them to go to (guardianship), and when you want them to have access to them (in the case of assets).

Estate Planning packages include:

  • Revocable Trust (A-B Revocable Trust for Married Couples) – assets placed in this trust
  • Pour-Over Will(s) – to distribute tangible personal property and determine guardianship
  • Deed to Transfer Residence into Trust
  • Letters to Transfer all other assets into Trust
  • Health Care Power(s) of Attorney – allows you to make health care decisions for when you cannot speak to make them

It is essential to the future of your estate and loved ones that you have an effective plan in place that will ensure the distribution of your estate according to your wishes. There are various ways to accomplish these goals, but it is important that you have the skilled legal assistance of an experienced estate planning attorney to ensure correct completion of all steps. At Barnholtz & Kugler, we are dedicated to serving the residents of Valencia, California who want to create or update their Estate Plan.

Our firm has been in practice for many years, and our legal team has alomost 40 years of experience. We know the estate planning and administration processes. We also understand family dynamics and we can provide you with the counsel and guidance that you need. We are ethical and moral in our handling of each situation; we will not compromise our values in representing any client. The estate planning process can be highly confusing, and it is important that you understand how your estate could be distributed and disbursed as well as what you can do to ensure the proper distribution of your assets amongst your beneficiaries after you have passed. We will provide you with the information and assistance that you need in this process.

How Barnholtz & Kugler Can Help You

There are many various issues that you must be aware of regarding estate planning. The first thing that a properly drafted Estate Plan does is avoid the dreaded probate process. Probate is slow and expensive. All of your assets are tied up during this process, which can easily last for 18 months – just because of the bureaucracy.

Having a will does NOT avoid probate, it is simply used as a roadmap for the probate court. Probate can be expensive and can cause unintended difficulties for your beneficiaries in many cases. You can easily avoid the probate process through the creation of a Revocable Trust. Different types of trusts, such as revocable living trusts and irrevocable life insurance trusts accomplish different goals and are used for specific reasons.

Our firm will explain the details of these trusts in person – either at your home or our office, located in Valencia. When you choose our firm, you will feel confident that your estate is being taken care of in the best way possible.

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