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It is illegal to drive a vehicle under the influence of any drug, legal or illegal that can impair your judgment and your ability to drive safely. If you are charged with DUID, get help from a Santa Clarita DUI attorney with our firm at once. At Barnholtz & Kugler, we are criminal trial lawyers, and we have the experience to protect your rights and fight to defend you against DUID charges.

We are prepared to evaluate your case and advise you about what can be done to defend you, based on the evidence. We understand the difficulties in proving a DUID, and could successfully challenge the evidence that led to your arrest. As there is no exact measurable amount of drug intoxication behind DUID charges, your case could be open to a successful challenge. Consult with a Santa Clarita criminal defense lawyer from our firm today if you have been charged with a drug DUI.

Penalties for DUID Charges

Drugs and DUI charges are related to the consumption of any drug or medication that has an effect on your nervous system, the functioning of your brain or your muscles, that has led to an inability to operate a vehicle safely. If you are found driving under the influence of any drug, whether illegal drugs such as cocaine, meth or marijuana, prescription drugs such as Oxycontin, Vicodin or similar drug, or over-the-counter medications that are believed to have affected your ability to drive, you could face charges of DUID. Unlike a DUI charge, which relies on evidence from breath or blood test results to determine the amount of alcohol in your blood, a DUID investigation is often managed by a Drug Recognition Expert who is called upon by law enforcement to assist in identifying the signs of drug impairment.

The penalties for a DUID are usually similar to those for a DUI and can include probation, fines as high as $2,600, driver's license suspension, completion of California DUI School, as well as a jail term up to 1 year. Every person is different in the level of impairment they may suffer under drugs and as there is no baseline level of drugs in the blood as there is in alcohol testing. This can make it extremely difficult to fully prove drug impairment, and our job is to defend you at every step of the legal process.

We are zealous in challenging vague or uncertain evidence. Contact us today.

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