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Drug Possession Charges in Santa Clarita

Drug possession charges may be a serious legal problem, based upon the type of the drug and the quantity alleged to have been in your possession. Although possession of a minor amount of marijuana has been decriminalized, state law heavily punishes the possession of larger amounts, particularly certain types of drugs.

Once you are accused of being in possession of a drug in a quantity beyond the threshold for personal possession, you will be facing felony charges. Drug crimes are heavily punished under state law. The penalties imposed by the court could include jail or prison time, fines and a permanent felony criminal record. Don't make the mistake of assuming drug possession is not a serious crime in California.

Drug Crime Attorney in Santa Clarita

At Barnholtz & Kugler, we have helped countless clients facing serious drug charges. With alomost 40 years of combined experience, there is almost nothing we have not encountered in criminal court. Our high success rate is based upon our legal knowledge and insight, our trial skills and our personal dedication to each person we represent. Contact us now for assistance if you are facing possession charges. We are on your side, and are ready to help you to fight back.

Possession of a controlled substance may refer to drugs found on your person, or in a nearby area such as in your glove compartment, home of office. Although the amount of drug found and type will play a large part in determining the potential penalties that can be imposed, many cases of possession will be filed as felony charges. If it is not possible to get your charges dismissed, your attorney may be able to arrange an alternative to incarceration, under Prop 36.

There are many excellent defense options available to you at this time if you have recently been charged with drug crimes. Please do not hesitate to contact us on an immediate basis.

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