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The penalties that you face from your drug crime depends on the schedule of drug and the type of crime you were charged with committing.

Illegal and controlled substances are divided into five schedules:

  • ​Schedule One Drugs: the most addictive substances with the highest potential for abuse, and no recognized medical use such as heroine or LSD.
  • Schedule Five Drugs: substances that are the least addictive with the lowest potential for abuse, and have widely recognized medical use such as Valium or Robitussin.

The various types of crimes involving controlled substances such as marijuana may include:

Possession of controlled substances for personal use can result in difficult penalties, however if you are charged with trafficking copious amounts of schedule one narcotics, then you could face extremely severe and life-altering penalties. It is vitally important that you have skilled and experienced representation on your side that understands the law, and a Santa Clarita criminal attorney from our firm can provide you with an aggressive, hard-hitting defense.

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As a U.S. Citizen, you have the right to due process of the law, and protection from unlawful search and seizure. Our skilled criminal defense attorneys know how to investigate the circumstances leading up to your arrest in order to ensure that your rights were not violated. If they were, than any evidence gathered in this violating manner may be thrown out of your case. We can provide you with the representation that you need, and you can feel confident in our legal assistance.

Barnholtz & Kugler offer a free case evaluation so that you may obtain legal advice and information regarding your case before making any financial commitment to our firm. Your case is important to us.

Contact our Santa Clarita drug crime attorney today to discuss your criminal charges, and to begin the process of building a strong defense.

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