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DUI Charges and License Suspension in Santa Clarita

If you have been arrested for a DUI in California, you are facing an automatic license suspension or revocation unless you act at once. We can take action to help you to seek to retain your driving privileges where possible. In order to challenge the suspension or revocation, a DMV hearing must be scheduled immediately, or you will lose the opportunity.

When you have a DUI attorney on your side that fully understands every detail of our complex California driving laws and understands how to get results at a DMV hearing, there is real hope of retaining your license after a DUI arrest. Our firm has proudly been serving Santa Clarita clients for years, and we have almost 40 years of combined experience and should speak with you at once if you are concerned about your license.

DMV Hearings Lawyer in Santa Clarita

After you are arrested for a DUI or driving under the influence of drugs, the DMV will automatically suspend your license. You have the right to request and attend a DMV hearing to challenge license suspension or revocation, and you also have the right to retain legal counsel to represent you at this hearing. The DMV hearing must be scheduled within 10 days of the arrest, so it is important to act fast.

It is possible for a DUI attorney to attend this hearing and present evidence for you to defend your legal right to drive, in an effort to avoid suspension. In some cases, the right action is to seek to obtain a restricted driver's license that allows you to drive to work, school and other allowed locations and functions. As we all know, living in the Santa Clarita area without a license makes life extremely difficult.

Get in touch with our Santa Clarita DMV hearing lawyer who can schedule the hearing, represent you at the hearing, and also act for you in criminal court to defend you against the DUI charge. There are several issues that could allow you to retain your license, including an illegal police stop, errors in police procedure in the arrest, errors in breath, blood or field sobriety testing and others.

Contact us at Barnholtz & Kugler so that a hearing can be scheduled immediately with the DMV.

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