DUI Second Degree Murder Charged With DUI Second Degree Murder?

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DUI Second Degree Murder and DUI

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Second-degree murder is a serious felony. It implies that the individual had a careless disregard for human life in his or her actions. The charges are often filed when it is alleged that a vehicle operator put others in danger by driving under the influence of alcohol.

First-degree murder involves deliberate planning and premeditation whereas second-degree murder does not. If you have recently been charged with DUI second-degree murder, you are probably very frightened, and you have valid reasons to feel worried about your future. This is a very serious criminal offense, and will require defense counsel that is ready to fight. You need to speak with a highly skilled Santa Clarita felony DUI attorney.

Pursuing a favorable outcome will require hard work and a full investigation into the facts of the case. The prosecutor will be committed to achieving a conviction, and seeing that the defendant is convicted and sentenced. You need an equally dedicated and powerful criminal attorney on your side.

At Barnholtz & Kugler, we have almost 40 years of combined experience, and we are prepared to get to work for the defense immediately. This greatly improves the possibility of walking away without facing jail or prison time, and other life-altering penalties. Please take advantage of our free case evaluation; we may be able to identify a viable defense strategy by reviewing the facts of your case. Our early involvement could be crucial to your case outcome – call now.

Second Degree Murder: Fatal Injuries and DUI Charges

If you are charged with second degree murder, the prosecution must be able to demonstrate that your actions took place with what is called "implied malice". If you have prior DUI convictions on your record, the situation can be more difficult legally, but no case is hopeless.

You may not have been responsible for the accident, or testing procedures were seriously flawed and the results cannot be trusted. A skilled defense attorney knows what to look for in the prosecutions' case. There could be the possibility of having the charges reduced, dismissed, or achieving a full acquittal at trial. It is important that if you are facing prosecution for DUI second degree murder, that you engage the services of our skilled criminal attorney without delay.

Please contact us for a case analysis. We can advise you of the strategy that we believe will best protect you.

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