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Family Law FAQ

There are many questions that people may have regarding various issues related to family law and divorce. The following information is designed to provide some simple and basic answers to some common questions that arise. If you are facing a family law matter, then seek the legal assistance of our firm in order to obtain additional answers as well as the representation that you need.

  • How long does a divorce take?
    Every case is different, and depending on a number of circumstances, your case could take longer. If you are able to compromise on various issues through <a href="http://barnholtz-kugler-redesign.scorpionwebsite.com/family-law/mediation/">mediation</a>, and you have an average amount of marital assets that must be divided, then you may expect a shorter dissolution process. Depending on the willingness of both parties to compromise, the length of the marriage, accumulated possessions, and many others, you could expect your divorce to take anywhere from a few months to several years.
  • My spouse was abusive, what options do I have to protect myself and family?
    <a href="http://barnholtz-kugler-redesign.scorpionwebsite.com/family-law/domestic-violence/">Domestic violence</a> cases are often difficult and complex. If you and your family have suffered from abuse at the hands of your spouse, then a divorce is certainly a favorable option to consider. If you have been through the process and you wish to protect your family further, then you may consider a restraining order against your abusive ex-spouse. One other option that you may have in order to protect your family is relocation. In most divorce cases, relocation is not allowed as both parents have rights to custody and/or <a href="http://barnholtz-kugler-redesign.scorpionwebsite.com/family-law/visitation/">visitation</a>. In a domestic violence case, you may be able to have a court order to allow you to move away from your ex-spouse.
  • Do you have additional questions?
    Our firm has been handling these types of situations for many years. We have the knowledge, and the experience that you need in your case. Your situation is important to us, and in addition to the advice and information that we can provide you with, we can also provide you with the moral support that you need through this difficult time.

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