Obama Administration to Make Important Statements about Same-Sex Marriage

After facing many questions about gay marriage in the past, the Obama Administration is reportedly ready to issue statements at the end of this month. The contents of these statements are still unknown, but they will supposedly address the question of the constitutionality of same-sex marriage. Originally, Obama had said in an interview on ABC News, that he only endorsed same-sex marriage from a personal point of view, and the states should be able to decide if it can be legalized in their respective governance. Now, however, the administration reports that he wants to take a stand on a national view.

Speculators say that he may address the right to marry in general, or other issues such as California's Prop 8. California had allowed gay marriage for a time, until voters struck down the law with Proposition 8. Some say that Obama might say that California cannot revoke the right to gay marriage once it had already given it. He could also state that not allowing same-sex marriage is a form of discrimination.

Since the Supreme Court is deciding what is morally right or wrong, one Supreme Court advocate notes that this will be a historic case that will matter a great deal to Americans. The lawyer in charge of defending the Defense of Marriage Act, Solicitor General Paul Clement, says that the brief will most likely not affect the case because their position has already been made clear.

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