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Do You Need to Determine Your Biological Relationship?

Simply put, paternity is the process of determining who the biological father of a child is. In most family law cases, the biological identity of the mother is known, but the father could be unidentified. Paternity is essential when it comes to matters of custody, support, adoption, visitation, even inheritance and health care. Like most family law cases however, paternity is a complex, sensitive and contentious issue. Our law firm is dedicated to helping families across Southern California and protecting the rights of parents and children alike.

Proof of Paternity Can Be Helpful to All Parties

Need a lawyer for a paternity case in Valencia? Establishing paternity can be beneficial for both mothers and fathers, depending on the situation. In some cases, the mother is seeking child support from the father, but he is denying paternity and claims that the baby is not his. In cases like these, they will need a positive paternity determination in order to demand support from the father.

On the other hand, many fathers are being cut out of their child's life and the mother is refusing to give them visitation or custody time - this is a violation of parenting rights. Once fathers are able to establish paternity and prove that have a biological father-child relationship, then they may be able to seek custody or visitation time.

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How does a paternity test work?

If you are looking to establish the paternity of a child, the test will have to be ordered through the court to ensure that it is legitimate. The process is simple, they will either take a blood sample or a cotton swab sample from the inside of your mouth and will test this sample for a DNA match. This DNA profiling has been found to be over 99% accurate and the test can be administered even before the baby is born.

Once the paternity is determined and you are found to be the father of a child, you will then be held accountable to several legal obligations in regards to support and spousal maintenance.

If you father a child, that child will then receive different benefits including:

  • Rights during the probate of their father's estate
  • Rights to recover social security disability or death benefits from their father
  • The right to be eligible to receive an inheritance after their father dies
  • The right to have access to their father's medical records
  • The right to be covered under their father's insurance or health care plan

Determining paternity is not only vital to establish certain rights for a child, but also to establish your rights as a father. Once the biological relationship is proven through a paternity test, then you can fight for visitation and/or custody of your children. If you are legally found to be the father of a child, the mother is not permitted to deny you contact with your children. Not only are you allowed to request custody or visitation, but if the mother is putting your child up for adoption, you are legally allowed to challenge it and you could seek to adopt them yourself.

Experienced Valencia Paternity Attorney

If you are seeking to establish paternity, Barnholtz & Kugler can prepare all of the legal paperwork and request to have a court-mandated paternity test performed. Once the father of the child has been determined, our Valencia family law attorney can help you go after child support or fight to exercise your custody and visitation rights. With over 40 years of experience, our legal team has the knowledge and the skills that your case will require.

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