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California Property Division

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One of the most complex and frustrating issues that must be discussed in any divorce case is that of property and debt distribution. When these circumstances arise, it is essential to have compassionate and experienced legal counsel by your side. Searching for a lawyer for a property division case in Valencia?

The Valencia divorce lawyer that you choose to represent you case could make all of the difference to the end result of your divorce agreement. You will want to ultimately reach an outcome that is in your best interest both financially and relationally. An attorney from our firm, Barnholtz & Kugler, can help you come to a decision on the division of the marital assets and debts that have been accumulated throughout the marriage. If, however, this issue must be taken to court, our firm can develop a strong case on your behalf.

Distribution of Assets in Divorce

Couples that are terminating their marriage or obtaining a legal separation will have to establish and work out a separation of property agreement that can be signed by a judge. Prior to the final order has being signed and issued by a judge, all community property and debts from the marriage will be divided between the parties. Once a settlement agreement is signed by both parties, or final judgment is entered, the character of the property changes from community property to separate property of the party retaining the asset.

When it comes to the division of assets and debts, there are many ways it can be accomplished. If you and your spouse can come to an agreement, with the help of your attorney, on how to divide both assets and debts, you are able to have this agreement become a part of your final judgment, thereby avoiding having the Judge make the final decision, after a trial on property issues occurs.

Community Property Distribution

For couples who are not able to divide assets and debts on their own, or with the help of attorneys, a trial will have to be held to determine this division. In California, property and debts accumulated during the course of the marriage will be considered community property, without clear evidence showing this was not the intention of the parties. Assets received as a gift, inheritance (that have not been commingled) or asset owned prior to the marriage may be considered separate property.

In a contested divorce, specific steps will have to be taken in order to adequately resolve the issue. The assets will have to be valued and appraised so it can be distributed in as equitable of a manner as possible. As your attorney, we can help you gather all the necessary documents and information in regard to the division of property. Spouses have a responsibility to disclose all information regarding all marital property in the course of a divorce. This is an issue that can be a significant problem in many divorce and legal separation cases. If an issue has developed in regard to the division of property, it is important to seek the legal assistance of an attorney immediately.

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Many different circumstances could result in the unequal distribution of community property in the divorce. For that reason, it is important to understand your rights during divorce and understanding the laws pertaining to your specific situation. It is important to retain competent legal advice from an attorney who can help you fight for your rights. At Barnholtz & Kugler, we will be looking out for your best interest. You can obtain aggressive and knowledgeable legal representation when you are in need of assistance with an issue involving the division of property and debt.

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