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Criminal Defense Do's and Don'ts

Santa Clarita Criminal Defense Attorney

Being arrested and charged with a crime can cause a great deal of emotional hardship. It is important that you understand the severity of the situation that you face, and that you have the skilled representation of a Santa Clarita criminal defense lawyer on your side. You can be sure that we will stand by you throughout the duration of your criminal proceeding if you choose to work with our firm. It is essential to the success of your case that you understand some of the various things you should do, and some that you should not.

What To Do If Charged With A Crime

First, do not give any information regarding your case to officers or other officials before consulting with an attorney. According to the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, you have the right to remain silent, because any information that you give out could be used against you at a later time.

Second, you need to retain skilled representation in your case as soon as possible. Without representation, your case could greatly suffer in court, and you could make the mistake of giving out unnecessary information that is misinterpreted or misused to pursue a criminal conviction.

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The less information that you give to officials to use against you, the better; the sooner you retain legal representation to begin building a strong defense for your case, the better. Our lead attorney, Brad C. Barnholtz, has more than 20 years of experience representing the criminally accused residents of Santa Clarita, California. Your case is important to us, and we can provide you with the legal assistance that you need.

In addition, our firm offers a free case evaluation so that you can obtain legal advice and information regarding your situation before making any financial commitment. Seek legal assistance in your case today!

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