Blog Posts in January, 2013

  • 16-Jan-2013

    Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Divorce

    Divorce is a big decision, and it is not an easy one. Divorce has lasting consequences and should be well thought out and not pursued out of anger. Deep rooted marital problems can cause severe strain and frustration and lead people to drastic ...
  • 10-Jan-2013

    Does Religion Have any Impact on Crime Rates? The Correlation of Religion & Crime

    The trend towards secularity in the Unites States has people wondering if the crime rate will go up or down. Is there any correlation between religion and crime? Are religious people less likely to commit a crime? Do unreligious people lack a moral ...
  • 10-Jan-2013

    Steps to Prepare for the Divorce Process

    Making the decision to divorce your spouse is never an easy one. The first step towards preparing yourself for divorce happens that minute when you decide that you no longer want to stay in an unhappy marriage. Divorce can be a strenuous and ...